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Got waste to get rid of in your property?

1 Call the skip hire specialists in Colne Engaine


2015-08-04 23:22:40

2 Our skips will be delivered to your door when you want them

Over 450 skips of all sizes available when you need them


2015-08-04 23:28:56

3 Job done? We’ll take care of it from here!

Our skips are collected when you need them to be gone – we’ll handle all recycling!

Skip Hire

Recycling Services

About Us

Skips for all requirements

There’s a need for skips wherever there’s waste, but the size and number of skips required will depend on the nature and scale of your project. Clearing a small house is going to need a different skip to a large industrial building project!

With over 450 skips available, Colne Skips provides skip hire suitable for any situation.

Responsible attitude to waste

Skip hire has an obvious side effect: it produces lots of waste. Shipping the waste away from your property is only the start of the journey, and we’re committed to ensuring that the negative effects of waste on the environment are minimised.

We work alongside the Environment Agency to ensure that waste is recycling and safe disposed of Recycling.

Wait and load service

Sometimes timing is crucial or space is at a premium. In these cases, our wait and load service can be the best option. This services involves us bringing the skip to you and waiting whilst you fill it.

This is an excellent solution for smaller jobs where putting a skip down for long periods would be impractical.

One call delivers the skips you need to your site.
Ring us on 01787 222 950